Pay two nights, get the third one free!

We have noticed that many of our visitors choose to spend two nights at our accommodation. An often heard reason for doing so is the weekend. Our guests often need just a little more to mark their holiday complete, so we have come up with a great excuse to stay an extra day: our discount 2=3. As always, we wish to provide our dear guests even more, and more than that: now you will have a great excuse for staying longer to tell your boss: you’ve received the third night free. :-)
It is necessary to inform our staff you wish to use this discount, when making your reservations, and thereby, for the price of two nights, you can extend your vacation just that little bit more you need. The only condition is that the three nights must be consecutive. The accommodation for this extra night is the same, so you won’t need to change your room.

Call 024/755-220 and book your extra free night on time.

The special offer is valid till 01.06.2022.